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Cat in pink jumper with bunny ears

We all know cats are adorable. They are often misunderstood by people who haven’t spent time with them, but we know they are precious little balls of fluff full of love and sharp claws.

However, no matter how much you love them, you have to admit, cats have some pretty weird behavioural traits that sometimes defy logic.

Head Butts

Cats head butt you as a sign of affection. They are showing you they trust you and love you. This is also a way for the cat to share their facial pheromones with you. Commonly referred to as “bunting”, nothing makes my day quite like a little bunt from my cat, sometimes I bunt them back so they know I love them too.

Brings You Dead Animals

Your cat loves you. You feed them, pat them, and clean their poop. But, despite their love and your clear examples of competence, your cat still thinks you are a big, dumb, useless hunter. The present she brings you is because she thinks you need a hand. Cats can also do this so you can share in the success of the hunt. Either way, it is a nice gesture, just a little creepy.

Bum Sniffing

When I first introduced my young kitten to my older cat, the older cat immediately went to sniff the kitten’s bum. I mean, he really got in there. I was a little weirded out. It turns out this is perfectly normal behaviour, for cats butt sniffing is the equivalent of humans shaking hands. Cats have such a high sense of smell, a sniff of the butt can reveal the sex of the cat, what they have been eating, and even if the cat is happy, sad, scared, or angry.

Randomly Running Full Speed

You are sitting there quietly reading a book, your cat is dozing next to you in the afternoon sun. Suddenly, they leap to their paws and run full speed towards nothing. Cats are natural hunters; their eyesight is better than ours, and they are in tune with their surroundings better than we are. The chances are your cat has noticed the slightest movement, like a piece of dust and has dashed forward to protect you all. Either that or your house is haunted.

Knocking Things Over

This is the number one reason cats have a reputation for being jerks. They seem quite content to climb up various pieces on furniture only to knock Aunt Bernice’s ashes off the shelf, and look at you like “what?”

I promise they aren’t trying to annoy you, and there is no secret vendetta against Aunt Bernice. Cats are naturally curious animals, they are basically knocking things over to see what happens. Or, they really did hate Aunt Bernice…

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